Archives for May 5, 2017

Due 5/9: Dog by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

1. Read and annotate Dog by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Due 5/8: Steppenwolf

1. Steppenwolf–Read the preface! (up to page 22) Annotate as or after you read.

Keep in mind: Carl Jung–Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf is the manifestation of Jungian influence (among other things), so it is imperative that you be familiar with Carl Jung. Research Carl Jung focusing on (but not limiting yourself to) the following: collective unconscious, anima/animus, mother archetype, shadow, complex, ego, self, persona. Additionally, research Carl Jung’s influence on Hermann Hesse. You must take notes in your binder (2 pages). As we read Steppenwolf, you will be expected to make connections to Carl Jung. Here is a good starting point. Let me stress, developing control of Jung is not optional; you are expected to develop control and demonstrate that control when discussing and writing about Steppenwolf.

Due 5/8: No Exit

Throughout the week, we will continue breaking down Existentialism is a Humanism.
Monday: Continued discussion of the defense against the first reproach and addressing the second reproach.
Tuesday: Third reproach
Wednesday: Fourth reproach

1. No Exit–Read through page 18 (stop when Inez starts singing). Extract everything from everything. Keep Sartre’s essay in mind. Additionally, we want to try and make sense of the author’s message. And perhaps more importantly, how does Sartre communicate that message? Remember, Sartre literally articulates the play’s primary themes at the end; so, let’s try and discern those themes before the end. To that end:
2. Class Forum–As always, bring a printed copy of your response into class.