Due 11/1: The Bell Jar Thesis and More…

1. The Bell Jar Essay–Working drafts of your thesis statements are due tomorrow. Keep in mind, this past weekend’s homework should lead you to your thesis. Ensure that your argument is substantive. Remember, I read the novel; I know the basics. I do not, however, know how you see the nuances of the novel.

2. 1984–We are starting 1984 next week, so if you would like to purchase your own copy, please do!

(Due 11/2 for 10H and 11/3 for 10B) Politics and the English Language(PEL)–When due, be prepared to thoroughly explore how Orwell develops his thesis. I expect to see you illustrate control of Orwell’s argument. There may be no small-group preparation; meaning, we will begin and end in whole group discussion. I cannot stress enough…you must keep in the fore of your mind the historical context from which PEL and 1984 were born.  In many ways, both texts serve as a response to the socio-economic-political situation of WWII Europe–a situation wherein people by the millions were disenfranchised, impoverished, and killed.  Accordingly, Orwell is considered to be one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century because of his response(s) to that situation.  Further, as stated in class, it is critical that we UNDERSTAND Orwell’s position. So, read not to contradict and confute, but to weigh and consider. ANNOTATE THOROUGHLY

3. Personal Vocab collection at the end of the week. You should have 30 words. Do not copy your friend’s vocab. If you do, both students will be held accountable.

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